Firmware 2024 - version 2.3.1(164)

The new version of OpenSprinkler-Firmware WITH extension for the Analog sensor board.

NOTE: This article refers to the OpenSprinkler 3 / 3.2 / 3.3 and OSPi

This version is based on the manufacturer's original firmware (, but is mine additionally adjusted.

New is:

  • Cloud access via Cloud Token (NEW: ALSO OSPi !)
  • Grouping zones
  • New irrigation control through new scheduler
  • New weather-specific method: Monthly Values
  • Exclusive here: Analog Sensor API

Changes in version

Please note: There is no manufacturer support (from the USA) for the modified firmware, only through this Support page!

NEW in the 164:

  • OSPi with systemd start script. Installs and activates automatically when you update the firmware with “sudo ./”
  • https station fix
  • shorter timeout for remote sensors to avoid blocking.

NEW in the 163:

  • OS3x Latch: Bugfix Zone Expander Latch adjustment
  • OSPi: OSPi Bugfix Memory free/delete
  • OSPi: Fixes rain delay date

NEW in the 162:

  • Bugfix release: Correction of the MQTT password implementation, longer passwords are now possible

NEW in the 161:

  • Bugfix release: Correction of a buffer overflow in the sensor log display of the charts

NEW in the 160:

  • OSPi: OpenThingsFramework. This now pulls it OSPi version of the OpenSprinkler 3.x version same and enables remote access via OTC tokens! For details see “Remote access via Cloud” below
  • OSPi: Support for OSPi 1.6 2xADS1115
  • MQTT: Host, username and password now longer: Host: 100, User: 50, Password 100 characters
  • MQTT: Handling improved, reading out with zero values ​​no longer reads the following value
  • OS3x: Better detection of the ENC28J60/W5500 network adapters

NEW in the 153:

  • Digital noise filter for the analog inputs on the “Analog Sensor Board”.
  • Improved handling of MQTT subscriptions

Full list of all changes can be found in GitHub

OR the official firmware 2.2.0: Here

A. OpenSprinkler 3.0 - 3.3:

!! First backup your configuration !!

(03.06.2024) Download the new (modified) firmware 2.3.1(164): Here

The exact instructions for installing ONE update can be found here: This is how the firmware update works


!! First backup your configuration !!

OSPi Firmware to compile yourself!

The source code is available here:

So it goes on

1. Remote access via Cloud

The function is fully explained here.

2. Grouping zones

This new feature replaces the old sequential feature, which allows you to control whether zones are watered simultaneously or sequentially.

With the group function (these are the letters on the circuits), zones with the same group (e.g. all zones with group A) run one after the other, but other zones with different groups (e.g. with groups A, B and C) run simultaneously. Adjustable with the gear.

Also new: Use the menu at the bottom right, “Edit options”, then “System” and “Order Stations by Groups”, then the zones will be sorted by groups.

The groups are determined here:

The P group represents a special case: All zones with group P are watered simultaneously.

3. Weather specific method: monthly values

With this method, the irrigation control can be adjusted by monthly preset values.

4. Analog Sensor API

The function is fully explained here

20 opinions on “Firmware 2024 - version 2.3.1(164)"

  1. Ulf Kliche
    Ulf Kliche says:

    Unfortunately reboot mine OpenSprinkler permanently after importing the latest firmware 2.3.0. Wifi connect -> NTP Sync -> Weather Check -> Reboot

  2. Frank Weyer
    Frank Weyer says:

    I installed the new firmware 2024 – version 2.3.0 (139). It works perfectly.
    The only time the Batten doesn't work is when I want to change a password OpenSprinkler ASB (no response when pressed).
    If I set the opendoor password to a different one (for the simple version Open Sprinkler), it no longer works OpenSprinkler ASB (it is black on the side OpenSprinkler ASB and goes no further).
    Greetings, Frank

  3. Frank Weyer
    Frank Weyer says:

    I have the new firmware – version 2.3.0. (140) played. Only it's the same as before. ( At the OpenSprinkler ASB the batten doesn't work or is black and doesn't go any further. )
    When operating from the Internet, even from a distance, everything works.
    Greetings, Frank.

  4. Frank Weyer
    Frank Weyer says:

    Hello, thank you very much for the current APK. My tablet still has version Android 8.1.0 on it. When I open the APK, I get an error message: “An error occurred while parsing the package. “. (On my cell phone I have an indication of the accuracy of unknown apps.)
    Can I somehow still load the APK?
    Greetings, Frank.

    • admin
      admin says:

      Hello Frank, I'm afraid there's nothing more that can be done. Your tablet is too old, Android 8.1.0 is no longer supported, we're now at Android 15. That would be like trying to use Windows XP on a PC, but it doesn't work much anymore.
      Nevertheless, I gave it another try and adjusted the APK in the firmware folder again. Please try this version again

  5. Frank Weyer
    Frank Weyer says:

    Hello, I had to delete the old one first, then I reinstalled it and it works perfectly!!! Thanks alot !!!
    Greetings, Frank.

  6. Kay
    Kay says:

    Hello. I've been trying to get this new firmware to work in a VM. Unfortunately the installation fails because there are no GPIOs in the VM and so I get a lot of error messages. I also don't need GPIO because the valves are controlled via MQTT. Is there a way to install the latest firmware without using GPIO?

    Thanks in advance

    • admin
      admin says:

      OK, but why? You could just use Homeassist and use it to control the valves.
      If you want to customize this, feel free to do so. The software is open source and is on Github.

    • waldir
      waldir says:

      “The firmware update can ONLY be carried out via WLAN (for versions lower than” And for the versions above? How does the update over ethernet work, since the update page obv. does not work over ethernet and always exits with the message “check device key” ( hash and clear)?

      • admin
        admin says:

        Yes, above this version firmware update is also working with Ethernet LAN. “Check device key” means password is wrong.

  7. Gregor
    Gregor says:

    On the weekend I tried the extended MQTT passwords - the UI got stuck (black screen)! I then saw the 161 - installing it also worked, but the UI still hung -> factory reset. I'm just short on time - should the 100 character tokens go with the 161?

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