EU and sales tax

Dear customers,

Since there are always ambiguities as to when VAT is calculated, here is a small overview:

  1. Since we are based in Germany, all orders within Germany are currently to be calculated with 19% VAT.
  2. Deliveries within the EU (but outside of Germany) are:
    a) calculated with 0% if a valid sales tax ID number is given. To do this, you must enter a valid sales tax identification number (UstId) for the delivery address (reverse charge regulation).
    b) calculated without a valid sales tax identification number with the VAT of your country (standard rate) (one-stop-shop regulation).
  3. Deliveries outside the EU, eg Switzerland, are calculated with 0% VAT. However, customs will then collect and charge you the import sales tax.
  4. In general, the delivery address is the basis, not the billing address.