Spring shopping 2024

The temperatures are rising, the first flowers are sprouting, now it's time for one OpenSprinkler! We have prepared a voucher for you: Get one OSpi or OpenSprinker 3.2 – now 10% cheaper with a voucher and free shipping! Voucher code: spring2024 Offer conditions: Free shipping only in the EU, discount only for OpenSprinkler-Article. Valid until February 20.06.2024, 50, minimum order value XNUMXEUR

OSPi with new kernel

For a few days now there have been increasing requests that... OSPi would no longer switch the outputs. The reason for this is the changes in the Linux kernel, which simply removed support for the Raspi-GPIO module. And that's exactly what you need OpenSprinkler-OSPiin order to be able to switch the GPIOs. All Raspberry PI systems that use the kernel [...] are affected.


With the new firmware 2.3.1(150), LoRaWan, NB-IOT and other external sensors can now also be integrated. However, the prerequisite is that they hand over their sensor data to an MQTT broker, OpenSprinkler can then subscribe to this as sensor data. The sensor is integrated with its “topic” and a text/JSON filter. The irrigation controller can then use this value. This is how it works […]

Colleges and universities…

...as well as public clients can easily order from us by invoice: Register as a user here: https://opensprinklershop.de/my-account/ Send me an email with the subject “Invoice” and tell me your user name and the exact billing address (to info@opensprinklershop.de) That’s it! You will then receive a confirmation from me that I have activated you. You can […]

New OSPi Software – with Analog Sensor API

Now also for him OSPi available: The “Analog Sensor Api”. And with that OSPi Version 1.6 with 2xADS1115 even with 8 analog inputs (software >= 2.3.1 (160))! Anyone who has an (older) OSPi If you have a PCF8591T chip, you're in luck: This means that the analog connections can be used to also record analog measurement data. e.g. you can use the SMT50 [...]

dynamic irrigation control

There are no clear specifications or guidelines on how to implement dynamic weather control. In principle, that is OpenSprinkler just the tool, you have to work. That means trying until it fits. Up to now there was a good possibility to dynamically implement a weather-dependent control with the weather service and the adjustment type “carpenter” or “evapotranspiration”. Due to the […]