System Requirements

System requirements for OpenSprinker 3/3.2/AC/DC, OSPi and OpenGarage

The OpenSprinkler-Products OpenSprinker 3/3.2/AC/DC and OSPi all use the same software. At the OSPi additional software is required due to the connection to the Raspberry PI. The system requirements for the central functions of the products mentioned are shown below.

  1. Internet access is required for the weather service. The weather service has the address http://weather.opensprinkler. Com /
  2. Without internet access can OpenSprinkler only run scheduled programs. However, it is possible to carry out corresponding automatic program adjustments with soil moisture and rain sensors
  3. Without Internet access and without a network or WLAN OpenSprinkler (Not OSPi  version, here this depends on the Raspberry PI) and OpenGarage create your own WLAN even in access point mode. With a smartphone, laptop or PC with WLAN, the OpenSprinkler then be configured. Remote access is not possible in this case.
  4. From firmware 2.3.0 there is the cloud service, which makes it easy to get access from anywhere!
    Without a cloud service or for older firmware, further technical measures are necessary for remote access outside of your own network or WLAN. Remote access requires the following options and knowledge:
    – An IPV4 internet access with the possibility to define and use port releases. With a dynamic IP address, a Dyndns service (eg DynDns, MyFritz, NoIp etc) should be configured.
    – ALTERNATIVE: If the above is not possible, a VPN, e.g. Hamachi (, a connection between end device and OpenSprinkler getting produced. Appropriate end devices and services must be purchased, additional costs may be incurred. Hamachi is also available for the Raspberry PI.
    – Special case LTE router: Most LTE service providers do not allow remote access to the IP of the LTE router. There are special (IOT) providers for this, such as ThingsMobile ( or Vodafone Easy Connect ( Here you get a SIM card for an LTE router that enables remote access. Optionally also with a fixed IPV4 (ThingsMobile) or a VPN (Vodafone Easy Connect).

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